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Still from documentation of vacant office tower taken over for Colin Hodson's Letting Space project The Market Testament, 2011.

Still from documentation of vacant office tower taken over for Colin Hodson's Letting Space project The Market Testament, 2011.

Urban Dream Brokerage relies on the support of funding and property partners. Currently running as a six month pilot supported by the Wellington City Council's Public Art Fund, we need support to see the Brokerage continue and widen its scope to play a major part in urban revitalisation. 

Want to help? There are many different ways:  

  • We are actively looking for funding partners to enable the Brokerage to continue. Please contact UDB Managers Sophie Jerram (029 934 9749) and Mark Amery (027 3566 128) to discuss further.   
  • If you are an artist or part of the creative industries we are keen to hear from people with innovative ideas for the city.  Submit a proposal.
  • If you are a property owner or can help us access vacant spaces please contact us
  • If you're time-rich consider volunteering and getting some experience under your belt transforming spaces - we can hook you up with some interesting new experiences. Contact us here.

Economic analysis in Australia in 2012 shows the economic benefits of urban space renewal projects like UDB is at a benefit cost ratio of more than 10:1. That is, for every dollar invested in the programme it promises to generate ten-times that in economic benefit to the city.

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Bold new arts and community project for earthquake restrengthened grand historic Wellington space.

Mapping Wellington Vacant Space Occupation

It's four years since Letting Space's UDB service in Wellington launched this website and we've got a pretty picture to show for it. Our big thanks to the property owners who have joined with us in sharing a vision for a more diverse and liveable city.  34 properties and 48 projects in Wellington city, and counting. The dots on the edge of the frame denote properties brokered in Newtown and Johnsonville.

Living the Suburban Dream

"And most importantly we have created a place, and an inclusive community where people that were isolated and working alone can call home. Locally." Creating a home for enterprise and collaboration in the suburbs: Kathleen Wright on UDB project Sub Urban Co-Working in Johnsonville a year in.

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Tamsin Cooper on Dunedin's out-of-the-box first year with UDB and her impressions of where the city is at.