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Still from documentation of vacant office tower taken over for Colin Hodson's Letting Space project The Market Testament, 2011.

Still from documentation of vacant office tower taken over for Colin Hodson's Letting Space project The Market Testament, 2011.

Urban Dream Brokerage relies on the support of funding and property partners. Currently running as a six month pilot supported by the Wellington City Council's Public Art Fund, we need support to see the Brokerage continue and widen its scope to play a major part in urban revitalisation. 

Want to help? There are many different ways:  

  • We are actively looking for funding partners to enable the Brokerage to continue. Please contact UDB Managers Sophie Jerram (029 934 9749) and Mark Amery (027 3566 128) to discuss further.   
  • If you are an artist or part of the creative industries we are keen to hear from people with innovative ideas for the city.  Submit a proposal.
  • If you are a property owner or can help us access vacant spaces please contact us
  • If you're time-rich consider volunteering and getting some experience under your belt transforming spaces - we can hook you up with some interesting new experiences. Contact us here.

Economic analysis in Australia in 2012 shows the economic benefits of urban space renewal projects like UDB is at a benefit cost ratio of more than 10:1. That is, for every dollar invested in the programme it promises to generate ten-times that in economic benefit to the city.

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Where We're At - Urban Dream Brokerage Reporting In

Take the stairs at 90 Manners Street up to Homies Cosy Teahouse and you’re never quite sure who, or what you’ll encounter. As the name suggests, it’s a warm, generous but undeniably cool space, run by young people for city dwellers to meet, share, be entertained or take time out in.

Broker's Blog - A Year On

For the last 15 months or so I have also been privileged to meet with over 30 or so individuals and groups who have come to talk to me about their ideas to activate vacant space in the city. Some of whom found spaces for themselves, went back to the drawing board or couldn’t proceed for one reason or another. Either way, I was blown away with the number of people who wanted to work outside the usual theatre and gallery walls. I receive many calls and emails a week enquiring about how to do what we do.



Short doco on Moodbank - Brokerage project #14

A short documentary from Victoria University on Moodbank, Urban Dream Brokerage Project #14