Making a Dance of it in Vacant Space

“Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life” Picasso

A Java Installation (images here) brought joy and whimsy to Newtown. This free and public art event in a vacant space arranged by the Urban Dream Brokeage was available and accessible to all who walked down Riddiford street, Newtown from 7 to 11 November in 2013. Hundreds of smiles were provoked, people stopped in their tracks and drawn into the installation. Fifty people wrote us their thoughts on post-it notes and stuck them to the wall. John the neighbouring café owner was delighted with the extra business and the added magical vibe in his neighbourhood. 

The written audience comments represent the diverse range of public that A Java Installation connected with. Java Dance Company’s transformation of a shop in Newtown into an interactive exhibition celebrated 10 years of Java Dance Company in motion and championed the our belief in public accessible art. 

Throughout the four day installation the Wellington public could choose how they engaged with the project, with many levels of connection available. They could do a double-take and burst into a smile at the sight of a shop front window filled by one of Java’s dancers, emerging in a joyous celebration of flour, blue paint, and helium balloons. They could venture inside the shop and follow a path of photography and textured props from Java Dance Company performances. They could interact with the installation, drawing pictures in salt, stamping in flour and tasting treats and they could write their own musings on the walls. Below are these diverse musings. 

“MORE!!”“Nga mihi nui ki a koe – your movement is inspiring…a privilege. Thanks for sharing your art, for sharing this space”  “What a nice surprise on our walk!! Xx” “Yeehas!!” “Amazing”“So glad I got the chance to come in” “Lovely to have interactive art. Great for kids. Thanks.” “Thanks for inspiring me to dance” “Looking forward to future productions!” “Bello! Chile” “Thanks you for being blue in Newtown” “I have butterflies. The atmosphere is moving. Congratulations on 10 years!” “You are beautiful” “Muchas gracias bello” “Peaceful” “What a treat!”  “Captured a theme of ‘breaking free’ very well”“A great distraction from the mundane day to day life”“Nice to stumble upon you” “Amazing gallery. So great to see fellow dancers showing their work – great visuals in here xx” “Good Vibes” “Really enjoyed the subtle theme of beach pollution. Magnificent!” “ñam ñam ñam” “Reminds me of Amsterdam” “Rise was the first dance show I’d seen in NZ. So exciting! Thank you for continuing to delight!” “Thank you for making me smile” “Beautiful & brave” “#Weird & cool” “V. inspiring! I’m hooked. Fen” “Woohoo!?!” “Lovely surprise to walk past then discover. Thank you.” “Absoulutely beautiful and inspiring. More!!” “This brightened my day” “Beautiful guys – thanks. Love the sculptures throughout the years.” “You helped me to remember that dancing self.” Beautiful creation” “Serene & Beautiful, a lovely interlude to my boring errands in Newtown.” “Awesome Sacha! Happy 10th Birthday!” “speaks to curiosity, wonder and playfulness!” “You are awesome” “This is awesome” “Awesome energies! A storm in a Tea Cup.” “Lovely exhibition + Sacha’s dancing!” “Amazing” "Wonderful!” “Yay!!” 

A Java Installation, in partnership with Urban Dream Brokerage, the Dance Wellington Festival and Toi Poneke Wellington Arts Centre celebrated 10 years of explosive dance choreography, stunning photography, mesmerising characters, unique innovative design and world class dancers. This interactive installation gave Wellingtonians an interactiveexperience of Java Dance Company.

Sasha Copland