A commission opportunity for artists in digital and physical space.

Biophilia , Tane Moleta, Urban Dream Brokerage, Wellington 2013. Image: Gabrielle McKone

Biophilia, Tane Moleta, Urban Dream Brokerage, Wellington 2013. Image: Gabrielle McKone

The digital environment now connects us in ways that as children we could barely have dream't of. Geographies and landscapes collapse and offer new potentials for sharing and collectivising, while also bringing us together in physical space and connecting physical spaces.

Letting Space through its Urban Dream Brokerage service is pleased to be able to offer creatives everywhere a commission of $2200 per project to create a data-rich project that has a physical node in a vacant Dunedin city space.

The commission follows Dunedin winning the national ‘Gig City’ competition in 2015. As such all projects must involve digital installations that use technology to deliver their outcome.W e have just extended the deadline for two weeks until 5pm 8 September. 

Since 2010 Letting Space has placed over 70 projects in more than 30 vacant spaces over six New Zealand cities both as curators and as providers of the Urban Dream Brokerage. A UDB service was established in Dunedin in late 2015.

Two examples of previous data rich Letting Space or Urban Dream Brokerage projects, accessible online and in physical space are Vanessa Crowe and Sarah Baker’s Moodbank, in Wellington and Auckland (Wynyard Moods) – see www.moodbank.co.nz - and Bronwyn Holloway Smith's Te Ika a Akoranga.

Read the criteria here and (but of course) apply online here. You don’t have to be in Dunedin but the work must be based physically in a vacant space there.