Making Masterton Dreams Realty

On Wednesday 28 June a spirited group of Masterton people came together for an open community meeting at Te Patukituki (the former Greenworld with its beautiful wooden open ceiling), 15 Queen Street to hatch connections and ideas for the pilot Urban Dream Brokerage in Masterton.

It was time for many introductions, percolating ideas and wishes, plus an impromptu display from Heather Bannister of some beautiful vintage sewing machines -  which she has schemes (with at least 100 she says in her collection!) to see not only on display, but in use by young and old.

It was a pretty remarkable group of about 20 representing a diversity of the community: young and old, Maori and Pakeha, newcomers to the region hungry for initiatives and older timers with a lot of history to share. Even those who professed to not being creative expressed interests that suggested they had plenty to bring.

Jade Waetford of Te Patukituki opened the hui. Te Patukituki is a fledgling community and carving space with some beautiful vision for enabling more young and Maori to feel part of the Masterton CBD, run here in this special space with the support of the Masterton Lands Trust. We’re really looking forward to working with them in partnership to see more community life in this special northern end of the CBD. 

Things are seeding in Masterton. Our call out to all in the community is to think about what causes they’d like to further, collections they know of in backrooms and garages that deserve wider exposure, or ideas for the CBD they could trial (be it an event in open space or project in a vacant space). What ideas could be brought to life that demonstrate some different aspects of this town?

If you’ve got something even starting to percolate drop Anneke Wolterbeek the Urban Dream Broker a line at to talk more on how a dream could be ‘realty’.  

Images: Anneke Wolterbeek