Image: Melissa Purnell

Image: Melissa Purnell

Are you an artist passionate about your work making a change in our environment?

Dunedin Dream Brokerage are running a new set of commissions for Environment Envoy. Go here for more information:

This page is for the 207-18 commissions. Dunedin City Council with Letting Space had a commission as part of Te Ao Tūroa - Dunedin’s Environment Strategy, and delivered through Dunedin's Urban Dream Brokerage service

We supported projects that encouraged Dunedin’s community to see the local environment and natural world in new ways through the innovative and participatory use of vacant retail space.

Ideally, 2017-18 Environment Envoy projects will:

  • encourage the community to think about the environment and productive landscapes in different ways.

  • strengthen collaboration between artists and the public, iwi, scientists, councils, business and community groups

  • engage the community to contribute to creative projects that provide educational opportunities for communities and support enhancing our environment.

Environment Envoy projects will need to respond to one of the following ambitions within Te Ao Tūroa – The Natural World - Dunedin's Environment Strategy

  • working with landowners to integrate biodiversity into productive environments (farming and agricultural lands)

  • boosting backyard biodiversity and urban biodiversity

  • increasing food resilience

  • enhancing urban ecosystem functions (e.g. storm water runoff regulation, providing food for pollinators)

  • ensuring Dunedinites are able to enjoy, connect to and celebrate the natural world

They utilised vacant retail space in urban Dunedin city boundaries (including South Dunedin) but may also extend beyond these vacant spaces into public space and the environment.

Previous UDB projects including UDB GigCity Commissions may be viewed at

We were also looking for projects that:

  • Engage people in Dunedin City: Projects should be dynamic and open to the public, accessible and visible. They should increase a sense of community in the city and interact with the public in new ways. Think about how you can involve people.

  • Provide the unique and innovative: We are not interested in turning the city into another copy of itself, or one type of space or gallery. Think about how your project might operate differently to what is already in existence. Cross disciplinary projects and practice modes are welcome.

  • Being professional and having a clear idea: Demonstrate you are ready to look after a space responsibly. Looking after a space open to the public develops professional skills and business practice, but we need to have confidence you are ready.

  • Pay attention to context: Projects should demonstrate an awareness of Dunedin’s natural environment, issues and history. Think about where it might best be located and interaction with its topic or theme. We are particularly interested in projects that create engagement with vacant space within Dunedin’s central city areas and South Dunedin. We are also interested in collaboration between artists and the public, iwi, scientists, councils, business and community groups.

  • Mana Whenua: UDB is committed to ensuring more recognition of and stronger community partnerships with Mana Whenua [local hapū and iwi]. Consider what consultation or elements might meet this aim, and where appropriate describe ways your project connects with this endeavour. If none, please explain why.

  • Representation: UDB is also committed to ensuring the city better reflects the diversity of its people. Consider how your project represents Dunedin's cultural diversity.

  • Existing Relocating Projects: Projects that involve relocating from an existing rented space in Dunedin city are not eligible. We do not want to undermine existing businesses and tenancies. We prioritise new projects and initiatives.

  • Student work that is under assessment is not eligible for the UDB unless previously arranged with the academic institution.