MAKING space for new ideas - enlivening citIES through public participation

“These vacant properties are often then seen in a new light, and leased post-event. Artists have a space for their projects which encourages diversity, a sense of community and public interaction in our cities.”  Mike Cole, Property Council of New Zealand

Long left vacant properties aren’t appealing to new tenants. Better is to attract attention to them and show off their potential. Temporary activations of space do this, as well as engage new parts of the community in a city’s centre. Property owners are a vital part of the enlivening of the city. Bring life to your property and increase its chances of being tenanted. 

Urban Dream Brokerage is one of many agencies around the world who have proven the power for urban revitalisation of brokering the temporary use of space. We find the right project for your property and ensure insurance, licensing and care for property are handled professionally and smoothly with minimum interruption. For information on how it works go here. For an introduction to what it's all about listen to this interview with RNZ's Wallace Chapman.

Letting Space have worked with property owners on the use of vacant space since 2010, and founded Urban Dream Brokerage in 2012.

Property Partners who have sited projects with us include (click on their name to go to their sites): The Wellington Company, Prime Property Group, DNZ Property, Positively Wellington Tourism, Ludlam Corporation, Reading Courtenay Central, Mark Horsfall Properties, WongWu Partnership, McFee Fehl Construction Ltd, Mt Iron Investments, Nidus Properties Ltd, Overton Holdings, Baileys Property Management, Standard 806 Ltd, Shoreline Property Group, Vicinity Ltd, Cornerstone Properties, Portfoilia, Bowen Holdings Ltd, Oyster Group, Willis Bond, Grand Complex Properties, Ananda Investments Ltd, CBRE, Kevin Dee Realty, Building Solutions, The Sustainability Trust, Kiwi Properties, Oakwood Properties, Justin Stott, Cook Strait Properties, Wellington City Council, Vicinity Ltd, NKI Trust Ltd, Dunedin City Council and Port Nicholson Block Settlement Trust.

Urban Dream Brokerage in Wellington has been funded by the Wellington City Council and Wellington Community Trust, with the assistance of the Wellington Branch of the Property Council of New Zealand. In Porirua our pilot has been funded by the Porirua Chamber of Commerce. In Dunedin we are funded by Dunedin City Council, Gig City and Community Trust Otago.

How Does it Benefit The Property?

The commercial potential of the building is proven: The commercial value of a building is at risk if left empty. If a building is being used it can prove its potential. Many of the spaces used by Urban Dream Brokerage were retenanted afterwards. With UDB the property remains for lease, but with an activity demonstrating its use. More attention is drawn to your property

Your building is taken care of: Illegal intrusions, vandalism and graffiti entail costs for owners. When buildings are temporarily used, they are cleaned and taken care of.
The building finds a natural purpose:  Commercial buildings find new uses based on new needs. The building creates life in the area through daily activities and events. The building is transformed from an empty shell to a space with a purpose.

Businesses and careers are developed: You directly support the growth of new businesses.  Responsibility for property develops business skills.