New Life For Wellington Through Creative Use of Vacant Space

Letting Space's Urban Dream Brokerage works with property managers, the creative industries and the city to lead urban revitalisation in Wellington. Got a property that is temporarily vacant?  Be a society changer. Bring life to your property here. Got a fresh, dynamic and original use for a vacant space? Apply to the brokerage here. Below are 14 public art projects enabled 2013-14. Following this council supported pilot, the Brokerage has now broadened its scope and is welcoming all original ideas for the use of vacant space. Economic analysis in Australia in 2012 shows the economic benefits of urban space renewal projects like UDB is at a benefit cost ratio of more than 10:1. That is, for every dollar invested in the programme it promises to generate ten-times that in economic benefit to the city. To get involved contact us here

Project #14: Moodbank 

Vanessa Crowe and Dr Sarah Baker. 29 Manners Street. Property Partner: Shoreline Property Group. 13 - 21 March 2014. 10am - 8pm. Project information here.

Project #13: The Waiting Room

Victoria Singh. 123 Cuba Street. Property Partner: Anonymous. 9 - 23 March 2014. Project information here.

Project #12: A Midsummer Night's Dream

A Bright Orange Walls Production. 185 Victoria Street, Wellington. Property Partner: Portfolia. 6 - 12 February 2014. Information and images. 

Project #11: Java Dance

A Java Installation. 88-92 Riddford Street, Newtown. Property Partner: Mark Horsfall Properties. 7 - 10 November 2013. Information and images.

Project #10: Digital Biophilia

Cnr Bowen St & Lambton Quay. Property Partner: Bowen House Holdings Ltd. 21 - 28 October 2013. Information and images.

Project #9: Broken River

Trick of the Light Theatre. Eagle Technology House, Victoria Street. October - 7 December 2013. Property Partner - Oyster Group. Information and images.

Project #8: Cleave

Gabby O'Connor. 86 - 96 Victoria Street, Wellington. 28 June - 14 July 2013. Property Partner - Prime Property Group. Information and images.


Project #7: Tales of a Dying City

A Slightly Isolated Dog. Grand Arcade, Willis Street. 3 - 22 June 2013. Property Partner: Grand Complex Properties / Jones Lang LeSalle. Information and images. 

Project #6: Occupation Artists

Grand Arcade, Willis Street. June - November 2013. Property Partner: Grand Complex Properties Ltd / Jones Lang LeSalle. Information and images.

Project #5: Brides 

Bowen House, Cnr Lambton Quay and Bowen Street. 17-28 April 2013. Property Partner: Bowen Holdings Ltd. Information and images. 

Project #4: People's Cinema 

57 Manners Street. From 10 April 2013. ONGOING Property Partner: The Wellington Company. Information and images.

Project #1: Status Quo

James R Ford. 120 Courtenay Place. 11 February - 3 March 2013. Property partner: Frank Wong on behalf of Wong Wung Partnership. Information and images.

Project #2: Your Message Here

Daniel Webby. 86-96 Victoria Street. 11-15 March 2013. Property partner: Prime Property Group. Information and images.

Project #3: Scales of the Serpent

Tessa Laird, 29 March - 29 May 2013. Opposite 19 Tory Street. Property partner: Reading Cinema and Care Park. Information and images.