How It Works


Licenses for properties are negotiated on a rent-free basis, either for a prescribed period of a few weeks or months, or on a rolling license that gives either a party the ability to give the other 30 days notice. Licensees pay a small weekly fee of $10 to UDB to help with the coverage of insurance and breakages. The temporary license (developed in partnership with major property owners)  provides that the licensee:                          

  • does not make alterations to the property without the licensor's consent,
  • covers the cost of power and utilities,
  • obtains through UBD public liability insurance,
  • And takes the property on a "as is where is basis".
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    Application Process

    1. Criteria: Individuals or organisations first must be satisfied they meet the criteria for application.
    2. Submission: Fill out a submission form available to enter online here.
    3. Assessment: Their application is assessed by the UBD advisory group. The proposal must meet with their majority approval as to matching the criteria, and they may provide advice on its best implementation. UBD then meet with applicants to vet their application and discuss potential spaces.
    4. Location: UDB proceeds to locate property options and commence negotiations. If we think your project could be suitable for a space that is available we will meet with you and assess the project in more detail.
    5. Licensing: Once located UDB issues the licenses and arranges for insurance cover and assists you to obtain power and other utilities (we can help with set-up but the cost of power and utilities is at the licensee's cost).
    6. Monitoring: The agency then monitors the progress, and reports back to both property owners and partners at the end of the license. We will also feature your project on our website, through our newsletter to our database and through social media. Projects that aren't temporary should plan on operating on a rolling 30 day period of use.

    Property managers or owners interested in having their property listed with UBD should contact us and we will be in touch to discuss further the options for your building.

    How Much Does It Cost?

    All projects pay a $10 weekly fee to UDB. Licensees will also be liable for power and other utilities - we are able to offer assistance in getting the best deals we can on these for you.

    All agreements have reviews built into them. If a licensee starts a business that ends up turning over good money we’d gradually expect them to start paying closer to a commercial rent to the property owners when they can afford to. This is something we'd assist in the negotiation of. With ongoing projects, our aim is to nurture them so they eventually don’t need support.