What idea and activity can you share and trial in public space or a vacant space to help develop a Masterton CBD that feels owned by all as a place for all? Key information below.

Got an idea?

PROJECT #1: The Great Marble Race

Masterton District Council Library and Connecting Communities Wairarapa. Property partner: Masterton Lands Trust. 7 Church Street. 25 July – 29 September 2017, Tuesdays-Thursdays 3-5pm. More information here.


key information

Got an idea? Discover how it works here. Apply using the online application form here.   

  • You can submit anytime but we are receiving proposals by the last Friday of every month. This pilot will run through until December.
  • Thinking creatively about doing things differently takes development: have a talk to our broker Anneke Wolterbeek about your ideas, she'd love to hear from you (email:udbmasterton@gmail.com. Phone  027 5664600) 
  • Your project might be in a vacant retail space or simply in public space, or both.
  • It needs to be innovative - do things differently than other services or spaces in Masterton.
  • It needs to engage people to participate and bring new, more diverse people to the CBD - to create more living welcoming spaces.
  • It is not just about providing an exhibition or pop-up shop space - think differently! Consider Urban Dream Brokerage projects on this website for inspiration.

As part of Our Future Masterton (see below), the Urban Dream Brokerage service is running in Masterton in 2017, providing a vehicle for creative thinkers with dynamic ideas for projects to test them out in vacant commercial spaces and public spaces. This is an opportunity to think outside the box and develop ideas that reflect and make visible the diversity of Masterton Whakaoriori.

UDB calls for ideas for vacant and public space, a local advisory panel assesses them and a local broker Anneke then brokers the space with property owners, council and retailers to enable them to happen. While we don't fund your projects, we help make them go from dream to reality and provide advice to make them as excellent, innovative and accessible as possible.

For inspiration and to see what's possible check out the image libraries of 78 UDB projects and counting in DunedinWellington and Porirua. For more information on what Urban Dream Brokerage is about go here and check out our media and blog page.


Ahutaki Ki Mua - Moving Forward Together

Participate in creating a future Masterton. Through a range of fun activities be part a citizen-led design for Masterton and its CBD. Not just for next year, but for the decades ahead: a legacy to future generations, that young and old contribute to. A collective 50-year vision.

Who are we? We are the Masterton community, but with facilitation and inspiration from an experienced team from Toi Āria: Design for the Public Good, Massey University and Letting Space, an independent public art and urban revitalisation organisation. The programme has been sponsored by Masterton District Council.

The programme includes:

·      Urban Dream Brokerage, calling for innovative new ideas for public and vacant commercial spaces from the community, and then brokering spaces for those that meet the community’s goals as events over 2017. The brokerage has a local broker and diverse local advisory panel.

·      An Our Future Masterton Hub: a hands-on interactive space where you can contribute ideas for the future, comment on others ideas, past and present, and potential areas of physical spatial change in the CBD – through both displays and mini-workshops.

·      Visualisations of potential options for creating new and connected spaces in the Masterton CBD to stimulate further discussion and contribution.

CBDs really flourish through participation and strong leadership from all sectors of the community, not just those perceived most powerful. Following initial citizen contributions in 2016 workshops, our focus is exploring ways to create a well-connected and generous community, strengthen inter-generational connections, and recognise and build capability with tangata whenua. Physically, we have been asked to look to create shared spaces, strengthen connections between spaces, and strengthen connections to Masterton’s heritage and history, and the CBD’s connection to nature.

One of five workshop groups in our fourth Our Future Masterton workshop in 2016, Aratoi.

One of five workshop groups in our fourth Our Future Masterton workshop in 2016, Aratoi.