“Our town centre is changing, and this programme recognises that. It puts more of the ownership and control of planning for our future in the hands of the full diversity of the people who will inherit it."  Masterton District Council chief executive Pim Borren

Masterton community at work with their ideas for the CBD in a community workshop at Aratoi November 2016.

Masterton community at work with their ideas for the CBD in a community workshop at Aratoi November 2016.

Got an Innovative Idea?

We are looking for innovative ideas that build community and diversity in Masterton and develop people through the unique, original use of vacant retail space and public space. 

UDB Criteria

Following feedback from community workshops last year, UDB are interested in projects that help create a better connected community, strengthen relationships between age groups, and build capability with mana whenua. We have been asked by the community to facilitate projects that create shared spaces, develop connections between disparate people, shine a light on Masterton’s heritage, and the CBD’s relationship to nature. Projects should be dynamic, open to the public and offer a contrast to business as usual. They don;t look to compete with current businesses, rather enhance them.

Applications are due the last Friday of every month, and this pilot programme runs until December.

We are looking for projects that:

Meet the Guiding Principles of Our Future Masterton: Please read these here as part of our 2016 Workshops report.

Engage people in Masterton: Projects should be dynamic and open to the public, accessible and visible. They should increase a sense of community in the city and interact with the public in new ways. Think about how can you involve people.

Provide the unique and innovative: We are not interested in turning Masterton into another copy of itself, or one type of space. Think about how your project might operate differently to what is already in existence.

Being professional and having a clear idea: Demonstrate you are ready to look after a project and space responsibly. Looking after a space open to the public develops professional skills and business practice, but we need to have confidence you are ready.

Pay attention to context: Projects should demonstrate an awareness of Masterton’s current usages, issues and history. Think about where it might best be located and interaction with its neighbourhood and existing uses. Mana Whenua: UDB is committed to ensuring more community partnerships and recognition of Mana Whenua (Mana Whenua: authority over [the] land; the local [indigenous] hapū and Iwi inherent in that relationship). It is important you think about and provide information on what ways your project connects with this aim. Think about what consultation or elements might meet this aim.

Representation: UDB is also committed to ensuring Masterton better reflects the diversity of its people. Consider how your project represents cultural and ethnic diversity.

Existing Relocating Projects: Projects that involve relocating from an existing rented space are not eligible. We do not want to undermine existing businesses and tenancies. We prioritise new projects and initiatives that help support what is already there.