On taking care of each other with Herbee Bartley and Peter Deckers

“I saw graduates floating about trying to find a voice and using all their actual creative energy to survive. There was hardly any support.” Peter Deckers

‘As long as it’s an experience that fulfils who you are, or your heart. I love Grace Jones quote “If the fuck don’t feel right don’t fuck it!” … If it doesn’t feel solid, or feel right or doesn’t resonate with who you want to be or have been, don’t do it for the sake of it.” Herbee Bartley

In this pod discussion at a monthly gathering for artists across all disciplines interested in working outside conventional venues we hear from producer Herbee Bartley (Massey College of Creative Arts Pasifika Advisor and co-founder Kava Club) and ‘jewellery activist’ Peter Deckers (Handshake) talk on creating artist support networks beyond institutions, mentoring, current arts sector fatigue around PR and fundraising and seeding artist-run collectives rather than becoming big bodies.

The next Urban Dreams Monthly in Wellington is Tuesday 19 September 12.30pm at meanwhile gallery Level 2, 99 Willis Street. In conversation Jordana Bragg and Jo Randerson. on "owning It: creating enduring artist-run spaces".